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No Virtue is an album we had been working on for quite some time. It's been a labour of love building these songs over the years. Bringing ideas hummed in a phone or scratched on a guitar to life in a more involved way than we have ever been able do before. Adding instrumentation and electronic elements into the fold. Panning candy into soundscapes was our goal. We conjured up some of our favourite influences old and modern and printed our take on modern rock with an electronic twist. We recorded the album in Toronto over the last couple years. In between touring with Comeback Kid, producing some other projects, and the other band members thriving in Toronto's film world it left us to have dry spells and then really intense sessions. These sessions served as a safe place for us to come together and air out some personal grievances to each other. It was really therapeutic and pivotal to our well-being during these times. Mixed in LA by Colin Schwanke & Kyle Black, we feel like this is the best we can do. This is the hardest record I have ever had to make but so gratifying to have finished and finally able to share it with the World. Even though this is our follow up to our first LP "Monolith" and our EP "Silver Door" (which was really just demos we put out so that we could have something to release before touring with Bring Me The Horizon), I feel like this is a new beginning and fresh start for Sights & Sounds. Self-releasing the project with a new approach to the music and to the model of how we release our music.