Victoria Duffield

  • Victoria Duffield
  • Victoria Duffield


  • MMVA nomination best pop video "Shut up and Dance"
  • Juno nominated for pop album of the year
  • Canadian Radio Music Award Winner
  • “Shut Up and Dance” was the most played song at radio by a Canadian artist for nine weeks. Singles have over 100,000 plays
  • "Shut up and Dance" single certified platinum digital download Canada


It's been three years since my last album. I had vocal surgery, parted with my label, parted with my manager, wrote and recorded 100 songs, moved on from 100 songs, and couldn't even remember the feeling of turning on the radio and hearing my voice. Three years is a lifetime in the music business. I started looking online for new career options.

But I was not quite ready to silence my creative voice. A week later, I flew to Toronto, met two guys who shared my musical vision, and I now have 10 songs that I've never been more proud of – and more importantly, I have never felt so good.

I am calling the shots this time. No label, no manager, no problem. I'm doing this album my way. With new experiences, mindsets, feelings, and life stories, I've got a lot to share in my new music and have a new energy to back it. With my sights set on the world, I'm not asking for permission I'm just doing it. With a fresh start, it only made sense to call my album "DAY 1."

I made a feel-good album because I'm all about that feeling of feeling good.

The lead single "WOW" is an important song to me to start my new chapter. Everybody deserves to have "wow" people in their life who think they're amazing. My song "WOW" is about recognizing your worth, going after it, owning it, and not settling for anything less.

"DAY 1" is a reflection and celebration of my pursuit to happiness and the strength to speak my truth. I look back at my journey, without knowing I could even become happier than I already was, and now I've never felt so alive and excited for what's to come. Part of it, I realized, was that I had been letting other people's opinions get in my way and I had lost touch with reflecting on how I was feeling. Happiness can be a choice, and the extent of the word "happy" and the feeling attached to it is now bigger that I knew it could be. I'm in such a great place and I love making people feel good.
So, I wrote this album to share that feeling.

"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me". (Joshua Graham)

I began my journey of new music with the unfortunate circumstance of requiring vocal cord surgery if I wanted to continue my career as a pop artist. I made the clear decision to get the surgery, which had its own potentially serious risk factors, and never looked back from that. I wasn't going to let any type of medical obstacle cause any setbacks in my plans.

Now, more ready than ever, I am excited to be independently releasing my newest music project with my new team in Toronto. This team includes mastermind creative director and choreographer, Luther Brown. Luther has been with me from the start and there is no ceiling to our ideas, plans and potential. With complete control over not only the creative part, but also the execution, I'm looking forward to what I can accomplish, leading world domination on my own terms, alongside Luther and my executive producer and project partner, Gabriel Gallucci.

"DAY 1" was created in six weeks, riding the magic of the introduction of our power trio of Gabriel Gallucci, TRVTH, and me. All 10 tracks were curated and executed in one studio space, from initial project planning, songwriting, production, recording, mixing, mastering, and business strategizing. Coming in with a very strong idea of what I wanted, Gabriel and TRVTH caught on with the vision right away and things took off.

Co-produced by Gabriel and TRVTH, they were able to capture my essence completely. Led by my ideas of what I wanted to tell through each song, the three of us wrote the entire album, bringing in specific co-writers and musicians for certain songs to add flavour. With a focus on working with people who share the same positive and motivated outlook on life, the guys and I brought in writers Jonathan Pike, Tim North, Demetri James, and Tyler Shaw, and live musicians Tal Vaisman and Stacey Shopsowitz, who were all integral parts of making the album what it is. All 10 songs were then mixed and mastered by Gabriel, leaving me with a trademark sound that I describe as a "3D experience." I've never been this excited about my songs and the sound of my music before. This project launch is just the start to our plans.

As I begin a new chapter, I am grateful for all the support I received since I released my debut single Shut Up And Dance in 2011. The song garnered me a platinum award and a #1 video on Much was the most played song at radio by a Canadian artist for nine weeks straight and contributed to amassing more than 100,000 spins at radio.

MMVA and Juno Award nominations followed, as well as CRMA wins and three national tours, including one of my favourite accomplishments to date as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys. Now I'm ready to share my message and music with everyone through my third album, "DAY 1."

In order for "DAY 1" to hold such meaning in my life, I know that my three-year journey, since my last release, was imperative to gaining self-awareness and expanding my horizons so that I could discover myself and my sound. After a few steady years of songwriting and recording in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, LA, and Stockholm, I not only grew as a writer, vocalist, and artist, but also as a human being. I tried so many different music vibes and went through so many emotions, changing my overall message along the way as my maturity and perspective developed. Gaining inspiration, influences, and life experiences, I wanted purpose to my lyrical content and I wanted to know what my new and true inner sound really was, and I got that. I put it all on paper and found my "meant to be" collaborative music team in Toronto, and it all came together as "DAY 1." We created a new lane in pop music… It's me in the form of pop music.

Be on your own pursuit to happiness and let's all be like, "WOW."