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  • New Single "Good Things" - #2 Most Added on HOT AC, #2 Most Added on Canadian Radio, #4 Most Added on Mainstream AC and #6 Most Added on All Format stations
  • New Video for "Good Things" - Added to pop rotation
  • SOLD OUT headlining Album Release shows in Quebec City, Montreal & Toronto
  • First single “Daniella Denmark” over 600k views on YouTube
  • Single “You`re My Ace” over 130k views on YouTube


Everyone has a destiny. This is Jonathan Roy's…

At two years old, one would have thought young Jonathan Roy's path was pre-ordained, with hockey skates laced on his tiny feet and a goalie stick clutched in his arms, watching reverently from a front row seat as his father, Patrick, built one of the greatest legacies in the sport.

"I couldn't look away. My dad was my idol. Of course, I wanted to be just like him."

When Jonathan was a boy, he snuck down to the living room in the middle of the night, picked up the Stanley Cup, and carried it into his bed. He pulled the covers over hockey's holy grail and whispered gently, "I'm going to win you one day."

A decade later Jonathan was playing goalie for the major junior hockey league Québec Remparts, convinced he was on-course for a career in the big leagues. However, shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Roy called his son into the head coach's office to deliver the sobering news that an NHL career was not in his boy's future.

"Hey, kid—it's not meant for everyone to play hockey. You just don't have the talent."

Jonathan was initially stunned by his father's blunt remarks but appreciated his honesty, and more importantly, suddenly felt a liberating sense of relief because he had always loved music dating back to his youngest years, sitting at his mother's feet as she played the piano.

"When I told Patty that I wanted to be a musician, he thought I was completely nuts," laughs Jonathan, remembering the conversation with Dad. "He stressed education. He had no idea I was already secretly involved with music."

Jonathan was unperturbed, believing this was the right road to follow. He may not have inherited his father's hockey skills but he did possess the similar Roy traits of passion, dedication, and work ethic.

He began learning guitar and songwriting and dabbled in recording music for the very first time at nineteen, experimenting with different genres in order to discover his own artistic identity.

In 2012, he landed one of the leads in the successful Quebec-France theatrical production of Don Juan, which gave the young singer some much needed confidence.

But as Jonathan headed into 2013 he realized his musical direction was floundering and he desperately yearned to find the perfect creative mentor to nurture his innate talents. That quest lead him to a chance introduction with Canadian music icon Corey Hart, through an outreach by Jonathan's father (the two had casually known each other socially since the 1980s). The timing was propitious as Hart was looking for a new artist to sign to his label, Siena Records, which was partnered with Warner Music Canada.

"When Patrick first asked me to meet his son and get back to them with my honest feedback, I did not hesitate out of respect to him—but I had zero expectations or idea what I was about to witness. Holy shit! Jonathan's been gifted with a God-given voice."

Hart instantly knew he had finally discovered the talent he'd always been waiting for since Siena Records was founded in 2003, spearheaded by Sire Records legendary CEO Seymour Stein and Warner Music Canada President Steve Kane.

Since their first encounter back in February of 2013, Roy and Hart have been virtually inseparable, building a profound personal and professional partnership working towards the sound which would ultimately define Jonathan Roy to the world.

"Corey always pushes me to the max by his natural intensity and constant pursuit of excellence. It's inspired me to become a deeper, more versatile musician. He's truly changed my life forever, making me a better man and artist, and for this I am so thankful."

Following a recent 22-date sold-out tour supporting famed Canadian artist Burton Cummings, Jonathan Roy now announced that his major label nine-track debut album would be called Mr. Optimist Blues.
Reflecting on the album's title track, another Corey Hart composition, Jonathan says "I'm a very positive person who believes good can overcome bad & everything is fixable. Corey and I have developed such a close personal friendship over the last 5 years that he's uniquely capable of digging deep into my inner psyche. ‘Mr. Optimist Blues' paints a portrait of a person who during the course of his life experiences countless peaks & valleys yet every time he finds himself mired in the shitty, boggy pits of those troubled days …He keeps on seeing the glass half full, instead of half empty. That's me, man!"

Also included among the album's many highlights is the Top 10 hit "Daniella Denmark," which became a staple on Canadian radio this past spring, and "You're My Ace" which was a Top 5 smash in Quebec over the summer.

Launched simultaneously with the album's release is the powerful single "Good Things."

"Mathew Marston, a terrific songwriter and producer played it for me in London UK, while we were working on some other tunes back in early 2014," recalls Jonathan. "I was going through a very rough emotional period getting over a recent relationship and the lyrics really resonated."

Though all of the tracks on Mr. Optimist Blues are original compositions, there is one exception. Jonathan wanted to include a tip of the hat to a contemporary artist who has inspired him musically over the past few years – Mr. Paolo Nutini.

He´s a consummate musician defined by his soulfully passionate voice and the way he performs his songs truly motivates me. I put ‘New Shoes' into my set list on tour and every time I sang it - she put a smile on my face (and the fans too) I really feel I made it my own with our cover version ... trying to fill them ´new shoes´ best I can!"

"I've had an incredibly exciting year traveling coast to coast across Canada to promote my music," says Roy. "I met so many wonderful folks at radio and amazing fans at my live shows. I can't wait for everyone to hear my new songs with the release of Mr. Optimist Blues in 2017."

Following the release of Mr. Optimist Blues, Jonathan Roy will once again hit the road, taking his music to fans around the world.