• Charlie


  • Released single "Ghosts" in August 2015
  • “Ghosts” charted across Hot AC, Top 40 and Main AC
  • Winner of season four of YTV`s The Next Star
  • Plays Piper Gray on YTV original series Some Assembly Required since January 2014


Charlie knew long before anyone else that she was destined for a wild ride.
Internationally recognized for her true-to-self rebellious role as Piper on
YTV and Netflix's original sitcom Some Assembly Required, Charlie
cannot escape her passion for music. Winning the TV contest The Next
Star when she was just twelve years old, Charlie released three original
songs and starred in two music videos, garnering more than a million
views before launching into her acting success. Now, only three years
later and with the world at the tip of her piano-refined fingers, this
incredible talent is lighting a fire that can be seen from miles away.

Shimmering with flints of iconic influence, Charlie has taken the reigns into
her hands, coining "combat boot pop", a sound that pulls inspiration from
Lorde's rebellious attitude, Lana Del Rey's wellspring of emotion, and Sia's
wild, daring creativity. At only 16 years old, Charlie's boundary-pushing
style combines large beats, dreamy synths, and driving guitars with
unpredictable, soaring melodies. With a voice mature beyond her years,
Charlie delivers her songs with power and conviction. A brave thinker,
Charlie's self-penned lyrics inquire, inspire, even intrude into the themes of
life that pass by so easily without question.

Charlie explains, "I'm hoping what listeners draw from my music is
courage. We are our own heroes, if we don't fight, we can't win. It's going
to take a journey to get there, so if you want to go somewhere, you have to
be willing to step across that line."

Charlie spent her childhood years in Calgary, Alberta giving tabletop
performances to her musical family while donning her favourite outfit - loud
tights and a fur vest - and singing along to her junky plastic "Barbie
Karaoke" machine. When her father brought home his 55 note, unweighted
college keyboard an eight year-old Charlie sat down to play and
couldn't be pulled away. True to her individual nature, Charlie relentlessly
plunked pop songs out note by note until her ability to play by ear was
honed. It was there, too, that she discovered the joy of creating music her
way, free and unforced.

Unscathed in outlook, Charlie is approaching her new music release with
full belief that being herself is the ticket. Charlie says, "I am so terrified but
I'm going to do this because even though it feels scary it feels right, which
shows that it means something to me." Charlie hopes that her TV fans will
follow her as her acting and music careers develop in tandem.

Charlie's debut single "Ghosts" - an epic, soaring anthem about learning
from mistakes – is set to hit airwaves and iTunes this summer. The track
was co-written and produced with Charlie and the Westsonic Music team
of Grammy winning producer Ian Prince, Frank Giustra, Dave Corman and
Laurell Barker. The single will be followed up with her EP release in early

"Music is where I started and it's where I want to end up." – Charlie.