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As Castle's third full-length album, Angels of Death is a sublime meditation on mortality and memory, ghosts and grief. Castle casts a series of spells against forgetting and finality via her mystic-minimalist country-soul torch songs. The album was written and recorded in a 19th century church near the shores of Lake Erie, where her family also lived and experienced losses, struggles, and hard-won growth. The residue of those changes inhabits these bruised musings.

"Like her speaking voice, [Jennifer> Castle's singing carries the joy of life. It's what helps keep the artist perched on the vanguard of celestial country and fantastical folk, a title she affirms once again with her fifth album Angels of Death." — FADER

"Jennifer Castle's ‘Angels of Death' is an ethereal, deeply poetic take on the subject [of death> — nimble, sure-footed and beautifully written and performed." — Associated Press

"[Jennifer Castle has> never been more potent than on her new album, Angels of Death, a work that may well stand the test of time as a masterpiece." — Aquarium Drunkard

"The first song is last night's dream you can't remember (Jennifer) Castle remembers it for you, and as the songs roll on she stays on that path." — Village Voice, #1 in Greil Marcus's Real Life Rock Top 10

"[Jennifer Castle>'s album is a country and gospel-infused meditation on death and mourning that flickers between the broadly universal and the devastatingly personal." — Pitchfork

"Angels of Death is a stark contemplation of death as experienced by the living, but it's also a meditation on writing, legacy and the defiance tangled up in the ‘majesty of turning / flesh into the storyline.'" — Exclaim!