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When I Mother Earth first ended their 8 Year Hiatus in March of 2012 they did so by putting a countdown clock on their website that expired just in time for the band to perform 2 sold out shows at Toronto`s Sound Academy.... In 2016 They turned the clock back…. 20 years back to be exact, and reunited with the bands original vocalist Edwin to celebrate the 20th anniversary of critically acclaimed multi Platinum album Scenery and Fish. This reunion caused the band to tour nationally for the first time since ending their hiatus. The tour dates whether on their own or with touring partners Our Lady Peace were a tremendous success and apparently a lot of fun as the band has decided to formally reunite with Edwin for the foreseeable future and even head into the studio to create new material.Celebrating 20 of Scenery and Fish was a trip for IME. That album spawned 4 Top 10 Hits in Canada with "Raspberry", "Another Sunday", "Used to be Alright", and "One More Astronaut", but it`s the new music on the horizon and the opportunity to dive into their first record "Dig" that has both the Fans and the Band excited to explore. The debut record featured 4 top singles as well. "Levitate", "Rain Will Fall", "So Gently We Go" and Not Quite Sonic all hold a distinct place in the Hearts of I Mother earth fans. "We are really looking forward about this exciting journey to revisit our entire IME history with Edwin," says Christian Tanna, co-founder and drummer. "The fact that we are writing and jamming with this vibe is a huge rush. We really can`t wait to share this with our fans!"