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  • Over 45 Million global streams.
  • Geoffroy is a Montreal based singer, songwriter, multiinstrumentalist and producer.
  • After debuting in 2015 with the Soaked In Gold EP, he released his first full length album, Coastline, in March 2017 to critical and commercial success, earning the top spot for electronic album in Canada a spot on the Polaris Music Prize long list and more than 25 million streams worldwide.
  • With an explorer`s spirit and a deep background in theory and instrumentation, the project was hailed for its unique mixture of folk structures, electronic production and a unique sonic pallet- the result of Geoffroy`s many years travelling the world.
  • The following two years marked an emotional period for Geoffroy, defined by extensive touring, world travel, creative trials and most significantly, the loss of his mother who succumbed to a long battle with Cancer during the writing process.
  • The result is a rich, detailed, thoughtful and deeply personal sophomore effort.
  • Polaris Long List 2017 & 2019
  • Tracks like “Coastline” and “Trouble Child” drift along at a pleasurable pace that never overstays its welcome. Others are woven with the laidback vibe of a globetrotter who has experienced many flavours of the earth. - National Post


Geoffroy (fr. pronounce geoff-wah) is an essential emerging voice in Canadian music. Following two LPs that solidified him as one of Quebec's most promising artists, the Montreal born artist takes the next step in his career with the self-release of third full length, Live Slow Die Wise.

The journey to the LP's 2022 release began with the June 2021 unveiling of "Cold World," an intimate and reflective song that beautifully represents the album's tone. The record is a mysterious and romantic journey through the artist's consciousness - a look within during solitude.

"Live Slow Die Wise" is the timeless story of societal individualism and ego," Geoffroy shares. "We're driven by an endless pursuit for growth, innovation and profit. But at what cost?"

LSDW still features the personal and reflective touch Geoffroy fans know to expect, but this time through a lens tinted by experience. Inspired by artists like Ry Cooder, Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and thinkers such as Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Geoffroy brought a more contemplative and philosophical approach to the album's songwriting than in previous works.

Live Slow Die Wise was penned during isolation in 2020, and brought to life in the studio with help from legendary French Canadian producer Louis-Jean Cormier. The songs mark a return to Geoffroy's early days as an artist, travelling the world and playing solo on the streets as he went. A renewed appreciation for organic instrumentation and a recording process that favoured live takes in the studio added depth and authenticity to the songs and hopefully, forge a deep and intimate connection with the listener.

"LSDW represents a specific state of mind. It's about taking the time to live freely and consciously. It's about being aware and embracing the ephemerality and fragility of life."

Ahead of the LPs release, Geoffroy also released three gorgeous self-produced videos for "Cold World" and "Strangers On A Train" and "Life As It Comes" respectively. The videos explore and underscore the emotive and intimate nature of the LP and perfectly capture the essence of the album's mantra.