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Sleek, chic, and honest - a voice in a million.

A lot can happen in five years. Especially if you're a teenager. Even more so if you are Ruth B, the Canadian-Ethiopian singer/songwriter who was catapulted to major viral stardom overnight in 2015. As a uniquely gifted storyteller and pianist, who writes all of her own songs, her work over the next few years deftly captured what it is to be young, vulnerable and, often, naive.

Ruth's voice still catches at the edge of the heart with its knowing warmth, yet her latest single, "Dirty Nikes", resonates with a new kind of soulful intimacy, a sound born from syrupy summer days that fades into empty hot nights and worn memories.

She'd begun this journey with the delicate, emotionally resonant "Lost Boy", which went viral over Vine, racking up over 700 million streams to date. Since that global success, Ruth B. has racked up over 1.5 billion total streams. Her debut EP The Intro was certified Gold, and her first LP Safe Haven garnered over 500,000 album streams.

Since exploding into the music industry, Ruth has quietly but intensively explored what it means to be a young woman and, more importantly, a young black woman in a world becoming more unpredictable and fraught.

Viral fame suggests a glitch, a fleetingness, the phenomenon of lightning in a bottle that cannot be captured twice. For some, that's enough, one piece of work is all they have in them. For Ruth, virality was simply a fast-forward button.

By the time Vine had breathed its' last breath, she was putting the finishing touches on her debut LP, Safe Haven. Produced by Joel Little (Lorde, Taylor Swift, Khalid, Broods), it became a multi-award nominated album that garnered critical acclaim and has racked up over 500,000 album streams. Her well-received EP, Maybe We'll Meet Again, which was produced by Grammy nominated R&B producer D'Mile (H.E.R., Lucky Daye, Usher), came two years after her debut and in that time she'd spent many nights performing sold out shows to rapturous fans across North America.

Some artists separate themselves from the stage. Ruth B can't be pigeon holed into one category. She is a 25 year old R&B/Soul/hip hop/pop/alternative aficionado and a young artist who understands the current social changes that are reframing life and art. To capture these uncertain times she recently wrote the powerfully moving "If I Have A Son" as a contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement, collaborating with critically acclaimed photographer Flo Ngala for its' powerful video.

Ruth is a songwriter who is unafraid to plunge her hands into your heart by way of her own. She is a voice to fall irrevocably in love with.








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