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Alex Porat

  • Alex Porat


  • 150 Million Youtube Views
  • 1 million Youtube Subscribers
  • 100 Million Streams across Spotify, Apple & Amazon
  • Cover of Spotify’s It’s a Bop x 2
  • Apple Canada’s Favourite Artist Of The Week
  • Has been featured on Elle, Elle Canada, CBC, Next Shark, Billboard, Complex, Flaunt, Adolescent, Wonderland, MTV, Idolator, Ones to Watch
  • Has worked with brands such as M&Ms, Fenty, Urban Decay, Climato, Hudson`s Bay
  • Playlisted on Spotify’s NMF Canada, US, UK, Norway, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Sad Bops, Summer Hits, Young & Free, Pop All Day, Indie Pop & Chill, Pop Sauce, Hot Hits Canada, Chill Pop, Pop Brandneu, Indie Pop


Toronto singer-songwriter Alex Porat is a magnetic force. With some of the freshest sounds of the moment, Alex is a brand new alt-pop artist with infectious and playful melodies, combined with unique, dreamy vocals. Born in Malaysia with a Chinese-Polish background, the 24 year old singer-songwriter has had stints in LA, New York, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Calgary, before finally settling in Toronto in 2012. The absence of diverse representation among the internationally successful charting artists she admired growing up is something she wants to change for the future. Alex is excited and proud to be a part of the growing representation of Asian artists making their mark in the mainstream western music industry -- a continuing conversation about the importance of representation, and one she feels is more important now than ever.

With 155million+ streams on YouTube and 1million YouTube subscribers (and growing), her loyal following spans the globe, with fans all over North America, Europe, and Asia. Her Mini-album "Miss Sick World" was displayed on Spotify's Dundas & Yonge Billboard, and was featured in publications such as Elle, Elle Canada, Paper Magazine, CBC, American Songwriter, Flaunt, Now, Billboard,Complex, Hypebae & much more. To date, she's amassed 100+ Million streams across Spotify, Apple, and Amazon.