Livy Jeanne

  • Livy Jeanne


  • Edmonton Music Awards winner for rising star - 2014
  • "Wrong Side of the Dirt" hit #34 on Country Music Charts


Though she's received plenty of each since starting her career just a few short years ago, it wasn't the awards, accolades, or even the admirers that inspired country/pop hybrid Livy Jeanne to immerse herself in music as a teenager in fact, it was something quite the contrary.

The young Albertan artist's penchant for singing sprouted quite early on, though it was as an adolescent that her true passion emerged. During her early teens, Livy Jeanne was the victim of relentless school bullying however, instead of bowing to defeat, she only grew more driven and determined to rise above it all. "I found myself turning to music," she shares. "I started writing my feelings and ideas into a journal, and then those turned into songs."
And once Livy Jeanne started writing, she simply didn't stop. She began teaching herself to play guitar, and then moved into six-string and singing lessons, sharpening her skills while honing her songwriting. Soon after, people started to take notice.

In what can only be labeled a remarkable rise, Livy Jeanne has, in just a few short years and all before her 18th birthday, co-written with some of country music's finest songwriters, shared stages with the likes of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, George Canyon, and One More Girl, helped to raise thousands for various charities, and released a heralded EP in 2012's Under The Radar. Most recently, she was added to the Invictus Entertainment roster alongside the likes of Emerson Drive, Hey Romeo, and One More Girl.

Now armed with a fresh batch of new tracks, Livy Jeanne is sure to assume her rightful spot on the airwaves. The single "I Wanna Fall In Love" and other tracks like "Any Other Way" and "Something New" showcase Livy Jeanne's brilliant balance of country twang and pop polish. "I want my sound to be one that will make a seven-year-old want to dance, but at the same time will appeal to people my mom's age who like that heartfelt, honest take on country music," the singer muses, and that's an apt description of her output thus far. Her songs examine and explore many of the issues facing young women, drawing from the artist's own experiences and relaying them in a way to which many can relate.

One of those issues is the one that began it all – and it's one she's now leading the charge to combat. Over the last several years, in conjunction with Kids Help Phone, Livy Jeanne has been touring Alberta schools to perform and share her message of empathy and empowerment. "It seems like something you're not supposed to talk about," she says, "but it's something people deal with every day, and they just don't know where to turn. I want people to know they don't have to be the victim, that it's okay to talk about and that you can find outlets. I found it in my music, and that saved me." To date, she's shared her story with nearly 75,000 students – and that number is still climbing.

Now, Livy Jeanne is ready to bring her music to the masses, with major performances scheduled throughout 2013 – including slots alongside some internationally-recognized recording artists. "I just feel at home on stage," she says, and that's the same whether she's joined by her familiar cast of musicians or just some wood and nickel-wound strings. And while she loves the energy that comes from the full band, she's quite comfortable in the latter setting. "When people are first seeing what I'm all about, I don't need a big stage or fancy light show," she says. "I want them to see that I can really sing and play my guitar."

It's an honest and organic approach for an artist that's both of those things and more. While her sound will attract legions from the mainstream, Livy Jeanne is a country girl at the core a talented, determined young lady who could easily stand alongside some of today's biggest country music icons. And if she continues on her current path, it won't be long before she's there.