Platinum Blonde

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A six-track vinyl recording entitled Platinum Blonde started our CBS recording deal back in 1983. But, before going on about ourselves briefly, we have to give more than a tip of the hat to the incredible rock artists The Police. We enjoyed playing over 200 nights as a Police tribute band (1982-83) in the club & university circuit. Tribute style bands were a new and hot commodity for agents and club goers who knew exactly what they were getting. As a band we also had to earn money to record material. The environment to write songs and rehearse our own material was good while rocking as a salute to the Police. So...Cheers to The Police.

Bruce Barrow, our agent and manager with the help of Jeff Burns (pictured) was the point man for the mighty CBS Music. CBS was holding a hot hand of artists and record-selling music sales with Michael Jackson and Bruce Springstein. We were lucky to get one chance from the CBS Toronto office to put together a music video.

This new and powerful music video medium was out of reach for us financially, so the partnership with our new friends at CBS was essential. It was $40,000 (1984) for the entire cost of producing the six-track vinyl Platinum Blonde record with our own money. It would be that same amount of forty thousand dollars again in cost just to shoot one video of a track called "Doesn't Really Matter".

It was this new music video medium that we took a chance on and all our assests and our careers were now on the roulette table of life.

As fate would have it (along with strong airplay support strategies from CBS) the release of Doesn't Really Matter would shine bright.

There were people out there that were feeling the same rock style energy we were feeling as a band. It was heart-rendering and it energized us all to carry forward...for years.

Other notable characters in our rock story come true are Brit producer David Tickle (Producer: Genisis, Split Endz) who produced our first two recordings of Six Track Attack and Standing in the Dark.

Producer Eddy Offord (Producer: multiple Yes albums, John Lennon, and The Police) is an incredible guy that likely helped us lure Alex Lifeson (Rush) into playing on a couple of tracks on our third disc "Alien Shores", most notably "Cryin Over You", the first single from that recording project. You can image the feeling when the Alien Shores album went five times platinum (500,000 units sold) in our beautiful home country of Canada.