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  • Spotify – Tim Mason tracks are heavily play listed within Spotify and Deezer’s main playlists on a regular basis (ElectroNow, Fresh Electronic and more). Streaming 500,000 + per release.
  • 3 Beatport Top 10 records in 2017.
  • Strong, active social media platforms, with a well-connected fan base.
  • Full management team.
  • Consistent production schedule (Full time).
  • Future releases in the pipeline with Doorn Records, Anjunabeats, Zerothree and more.


British producer and DJ - Tim Mason (Daren Taliana) is held with upmost respect within the dance industry having found his feet back in 2011 shaping the sound of melodic, progressive music today. Based in Brighton, Tim found his creative edge inspired from his eclectic surroundings and a passion for the energetic, synth heavy productions you hear to this date were born.

An era with Size Records kick started Tim's musical career but more recently Tim has frequented on large powerhouse labels such as Spinnin, Doorn Records, Anjunabeats, Armada, Zerothree and more emphasising his dominance as one of the finest producers within the scene.

Tim's unique sound really sets him apart from the crowd - a strong identity embedded within each and every carefully crafted masterpiece. It is safe to say this is something that many crave and desire, a skill that comes only with hard work and dedication.
Tim Mason is here…