Deanna Petcoff

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While writing about her frustrating experiences as a young woman finding her voice and identity while navigating an ever changing world, Deanna Petcoff explores the ins and outs of love and heartbreak. Her rich, deep, textured voice juxtaposes her soft imagery and vulnerable, honest lyrics, welcoming us into a world where even a fleeting moment of emotion can become its own monument, and where gentle guitars can navigate otherwise messy waters.Playing her own unique brand of beautiful and confessional indie rock, Petcoff grew up worshipping the music of David Bowie and Patti Smith. With heart-on-her-sleeve, emotive lyricism that showcases her strength as a songwriter and a vocalist, "Failing Upwards" is a shimmering track with a jangling, surfy chorus guitar riff that really makes it shine, an ode to falling in love hard and fast and reevaluating it after those heady initial days pass. Petcoff is an amalgamation of everyone she`s ever met, a tangle of emotions and a songwriting force.