Gord Sinclair

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Surviving life`s dizzying highs and crushing lows is a cakewalk compared to writing about them. But if you can do it, the results are very often liberating, cathartic, and a gateway to electrifying music. Witness Gord Sinclair`s Taxi Dancers.The solo debut from the musician best known as bassist and songwriter with Canadian rock legends The Tragically Hip brings several firsts. Chiefly, it`s the first release from a member of the band since the passing of frontman Gord Downie in 2017, an event that united the nation.Taxi Dancers is a farewell of sorts, fearlessly exploring Sinclair`s despair about losing a lifelong friend and bandmate. But it is also a clear-eyed survey of what`s good in the world, and a profound statement about why sorrow must be viewed in tandem with joy. Both are elemental aspects of living, and music — especially rock music, with its boundless capacity for nuance, shading, and sheer emotional heft — is perhaps life`s purest mirror.