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For Windsor rapper-singer LUM, relatability is the key to success. With his knack for catchy hooks and grounded lyricism his music captures the pains and triumphs of love and happiness. Channeling his pain from a period of homelessness as a teenager and a lack of support around him, Lum acknowledges that: "Nobody`s really done hip-hop like that from my city". "By me pursuing my dreams, it`ll allow [younger kids from my city] to be like ‘Yo, if he can do it, I can do it. I`m not alone.`" The influence he`s gleaned from studio sessions with exciting talent is evident in his voice, but LUM isn`t content to put himself in a box. His brand of edifying, emotionally raw music is universal and he`s excited to connect with fans of rap, R&B, pop and beyond.