Luna Li

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Listening to Luna Li is the moment you hang suspended between dream and a haziness, orwhen you`re dancing through a slight tipsiness. You feel beautiful, confident, happy. This isLuna Li and she`s here to help you love."This is what feels right," she says. Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky once wrote that thedivine has a strange way of piercing through our everyday lives. If ever Toronto had its celestialprincess then Luna Li is it. "Whenever I`m writing, I like to be the only one in the house so that Ican focus all my energy into the music," she says. "When there`s other people around, myenergy gets dispersed or is not completely focused."This oracular skill of Luna Li`s has brightened Toronto`s uniform rock landscape. When Luna Lifirst emerged onto the Toronto indie scene, she quickly realized the gender and racial disparity."Noticing that no one on the stage looks like you can make you feel invisible. When I first sawbands playing that had women or Asian people in them, I was immediately drawn to them aswell as a little emotional, because I felt seen. This feeling was a big part of my start."If Luna Li`s music is anything, it is unafraid. And being as magical as it is, this should be nosurprise. In commune with the universe, Luna Li is an oracle of our times.