Platinum Blonde

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Platinum Blonde took the 80`s by storm with chart topping hits and a fresh new wave sound. In 1983 with members, Mark Holmes, Sergio Galli and Chris Steffler, Platinum Blonde quickly rose up the charts with their self-titled EP before releasing their debut album "Standing In The Dark" while on tour with Bryan Adams and Billy Idol. In 1985, they released their sophomore album "Alien Shores," with new member Kenny Maclean which received multi-platinum status and delivered generation-transcending hits Situation Critical, Somebody Somewhere and Crying Over You. Their third studio album, "Contact," achieved platinum sales mark and garnered the band a Gemini Award for Best Music Video. Platinum Blonde`s new wave sound defined a decade in Canadian music. In 2010, the band was Inducted into the Music, and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame and in 2023, they were inducted into Canada`s Walk of Fame.