Tynomi Banks

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Tynomi Banks is a International, world-class Drag Entertainer.Recognized best for her full production performances, Banks dominates a stage while radiating a powerful, but playful energy. Her hustle lead her to become the first Drag Entertainer to perform in Toronto`s Dundas Square during World Pride 2014. In just one month, during Pride 2018, she became the first Drag Entertainer to work with Hudson`s Bay Company and the only Queen to partner with Spotify for a featured playlist, which also resulted in a billboard over Dundas Square in Toronto during Pride. She has since partnered with Sephora, Shoppers Beauty, Amazon, Absolut, Netflix, Crest, and Ikea to name a few.Banks became the first Drag Entertainer to be the trophy bearer at the 7th Annual Canadian Screen Awards. In 2021, Banks was the only drag performer to be featured in a SuperBowl ad other than Rupaul herself. Then in February, she partnered with Black Lives Matter Canada to create and sell a line of merchandise where partial proceeds went to dismantle all forms of anti-Black racism, liberate Blackness, support Black healing, affirm Black existence, and create freedom to love and self-determine.Catch Tynomi Banks on Season 1 of Canada`s Drag Race on Crave (Canada), LogoTV (USA) and BBC3 (UK).