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Tim Hicks

The Feldman Agency works with Universities and College across Canada programming for their Frosh events, Frosh events as well as additional Fall and Winter programming. A large part of the programming we do is what we call “block booking” which is essentially when the artist does a tour strictly for College and University students. These shows are not open to the public, they are for students only. Colleges have an opportunity to bring in larger artists and gives students the opportunity to see their favorite performers in a more intimate setting! In the Spring 2015 Country Music star Tim Hicks did an Eight school tour across Ontario.

What we did:
• Routed the dates
• Connected the schools so they could coordinate budgets
• Contracted the shows
• Oversaw marketing plans
• Tracked ticket counts
Excited college students lined the halls in anticipation of the “College Throwdown Tour.” With multiple sold out shows, thousands of screaming fans, and River Town Saints opening the show, this was bound to be a Hell Rasin’ Good Time.
The college concerts give students all over Ontario the opportunity to see Tim Hicks with a less expensive ticket which cannot be offered at an open show.