Casestudy BINGO PLAYERS | The Feldman Agency


In 2014 a group of Ontario Colleges and Universities wanted to bring in an international artist for their Frosh weeks to create an unforgettable experience for those students. It was their hope to bring in an artist that these students had not seen before but a name that they would recognize. With help of the Feldman Agency we created a routing of 4 campuses and the Bingo Players performance an incredible performance that the students will be talking about for years to come.
  • Due to our trusted relationships with American companies, it is better when a company like Feldman reaches out to route dates instead of the schools.

  • Routed school shows

  • Communicated with management / agency in the States

  • Negotiated costs

  • Immigration services

  • Oversaw Marketing

  • Provided Artist Support options

  • Due to the block booking and the connection to Feldman, the schools were able to acquire a high level of talent, and a more well-known name that the students would enjoy. The idea is to create an unaffordable experience with a few that the universities can justify and fit within their budgets. At Feldman we are able to help take the schools goals and artist wishes and turn them into a reality.