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Up Cannabis X The Tragically Hip

In the spring of 2017, we helped form a strategic partnership between an upstart licensed cannabis producer and one of Canada’s most iconic rock bands.
Why? Because Up Cannabis wanted to expand its brand awareness and The Tragically Hip were interested in investing in the marijuana market. We recognized that the brand and the band had similar ideas about the industry, finding a unique fit that worked for all parties involved. And like that, it became one of the most celebrated and talked about stories of the year.

Up Cannabis had a simple idea: stand out from the competition by winning the hearts and minds of Canadians. They would embody the essence of what makes Canadians who we are, and who better to do that but the band who taught us what being Canadian is all about? On June 1st, 2017 The Tragically Hip announced their affiliation with Up Cannabis.

The Hip shared the Up partnership on their website, appeared at an Up event and talked about the partnership in the press. All the attention gave Up’s brand awareness a substantial boost from coast to coast.

The partnership is ongoing and has already helped build Up’s brand, which is dedicated to doing good in both the Canadian music and marijuana industries.