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In the spring of 2017 an upstart licensed produced (LP) of cannabis was looking for a strategic partner that would allow them to tap into the minds and hearts of Canadians. Enter the Tragically Hip, who alongside Newstrike created Up Cannabis, a brand that embodies the essence of what makes us who we are as Canadians.


The Tragically Hip have been a strategic partner since the partnership began, and have recently played a major role in a VIP event at an organic farm in Creemore, Ontario. The Hip played co-host conducting some media interviews, socializing with attendees, and introducing special guests. We invited the Award Winning DJ Cam B to set the mood throughout the day, and Thompson Egbo-Egbo, a jaw-dropping pianist, entertained guests during a cocktail hour. To cap things off The Glorious Sons wowed the crowd with an electric set, and Canadian legends City and Colour closed out the evening with a uniquely intimate performance inside a farm barn.


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